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Once Upon A Time...

...there was a kingdom where children of all ages wished they could meet

a real Princess, Pixie, Pirate, or Super Hero. 

And so in 2012, with a wish upon a star, a little fairy dust and a lot of imagination, Happily Ever After Productions was created, bringing the characters from their far-off kingdoms straight to your party or event!  We now have many favorite characters to choose from, ready to come surprise your guests and spend a time

entertaining you with stories, songs, and magical fun for all ages!

Booking is as easy as:

1. Choose your Package based on number of children attending,

2. Choose which Character (or characters!) you would like to invite, and

3. Choose which Special Activity you'd like to include in your package! 

Contact us to check date availability and reserve your time!

About Our Team

The founders of Happily Ever After Productions are a team of entertainers who began their careers in 2009 as children's entertainers and balloon artists!  Their first company, Balloongenuity, still provides our balloon artists and face painters today.  Happily Ever After Productions was the first professional Princess Party Company in the entire central Indiana area, and is the only full-time company in the state!

Our director has over 40 years of experience in theater, and a degree in child education and psychology.  Our party experiences are designed with kids in mind, and our director wanted to provide an experience as magical as she would have wanted her own children to have. 

Our team consists of professional, award-winning entertainers and experienced actors and actresses.  We are a full-time, professional business with an impressive client list (we can provide references from our wonderful clients any time!), and perform 6-12 shows every week! 

You can find honest reviews from actual clients on our Reviews page and on our Gig Salad listing, and catch a glimpse of the magic in store for you on our Videos page! 

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!  Our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you book the party or event of your dreams!

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