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How far ahead should I schedule my party and book a date?

The sooner, the better! Our schedules fill very quickly. It’s best to contact us before you have chosen a set date and time for your event, so you have several options to book from. We can let you know what times we have available, and you can reserve the time that best fits your schedule!

If your date is non flexible, book ASAP to make sure you can book the time you need!

Anna and Elsa snow day Happily Ever Afte

 What days/times do you perform, and how do I check availability?

We perform any day!  Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays tend to be in high demand, but we are available during the week as well! 

Our most popular times for Saturdays and Sundays

are 11am-1pm; 2pm-4pm; and 5pm-7pm; but we may be able to accommodate other times with enough notice.

You will need to contact us directly via phone or email to find out availability.  We suggest checking with us before you send invitations!

What are your office hours?

Our events coordinator is usually available during regular business hours (9am-6pm Mon-Fri), and we do our best to answer calls and messages outside of those hours as well!  Email is our preferred method of contact but you can also reach us by phone or text!  Office times may vary if we have an event during the week or at peak times (early summer, mid fall and around holidays tend to be extra busy). 


How do I reserve my date?

You can reserve your date with a $50 reservation fee, which will be applied toward your total. This will lock in your date and time slot so no one else can book it. We accept charge cards over the phone, Paypal, or you can mail a check. (There is a $25 fee on all returned checks.)

Contact us to arrange your date reservations!


What if I'm not sure which package

to book or how many guests will be at my party?

You can go ahead and reserve your date and time,

then, as the date approaches, you can let us know

additional details.

Does the guest count include adults who

are at the party or just the kids?

The max guest count includes anyone participating in the special activity, so we suggest including kids ages 2 through teens. For groups larger than 20 children, you may want to consider adding a second party assistant/guide to help keep things moving. Of course, if you leave a little “wiggle room” for a grownup or two to get a balloon or have their face painted, we’re happy to include them as well!

Can the Little Mermaid walk?  How will she get to my party?

Don't worry, the Little Mermaid is a human now and wears a dress that reminds her of her tail!  She is still very mermaid-y and likes to sit in her ocean chair and flip her "fins".  Her assistant will bring the chair and set it up for her!  It makes a great photo op!


Do I need to provide anything for the party?

All we need is an indoor location with some space for dancing, a corner or area for the special activity. Some activities have requirements like chairs, or access to an electrical outlet.

Other than that, all you need is the cake!

Little Mermaid.jpg

Why do you only perform indoors?  Are there any exceptions?

We require an indoor, air-conditioned location for our performers' safety.  Beautiful ballgowns and elaborate hairstyles are hot and heavy, and we don't want Sleeping Beauty to faint and have the children think she's fallen into eternal sleep!  Also, Indiana weather is unpredictable, and you and your guests will be much more comfortable indoors. 

For some occasions in fall and spring, we may be able to send certain characters for festivals and fundraisers, as long as there is a cool break area and drinking water available.  For birthday parties, we might be able to do a short photo op outdoors, or possibly serve cake in an outdoor space, as long as weather permits and as long as the majority of the party is held inside.  We cannot perform the entire party outdoors; if we arrive and find the party is outdoors without prior arrangement, there is a $150 outdoor fee.

Can I request a specific performer to come to my party?
Yes!  If you would like to request a specific performer for your event, let us know and we will check her availability!  All our performers are very talented-- our standards are high!

You can even request a specific performer to appear as a favorite character!

Are there any other details/fine print I might need to know?

Just a few things. Here they are:

A travel fee may apply if your location is farther than about 1 hour from Greenfield, IN.  There is no travel fee to Indianapolis and surrounding cities (Zionsville, Avon, Greenwood, Noblesville, etc.). 

We require an indoor location. If the party is held outdoors without prior arrangement, there is a $150 charge per character to cover the added expenses of performing outdoors. 

The guest count (children) must not exceed the maximum amount included with your package. If additional guests are present, they will be added to your Party Package for $10 each. 

Additional charges may apply for property damaged or unreturned to Happily Ever After Productions.

If you cancel, move locations, or reschedule your event without notifying us, there may be a travel/failure to notify fee to cover

our costs of driving to your location. 

There is a $25 fee for any and all returned checks. 

That's it!

Rapunzel hair down Happily Ever After Pr

Can I have more than one character at my party or event?

Yes, depending on availability! Additional characters are $150 each, or you can book a Package which includes multiple characters. Booking a little farther in advance is recommended if you would like multiple characters.


Do you have any public events coming up where I can meet your characters?

Check out our Facebook page to see upcoming events!

What's the best age range for your parties?

Our birthday parties are most popular with

ages 3-10, although we have performed for ages 1 to 101!


Do you travel beyond central Indiana?

Sometimes!  We stay super busy year-round here in the Indianapolis area, which can make traveling difficult. We may be able to travel if you can schedule your event during the week, or for large events or shows. Contact us if you are interested in having us travel to your location, and to find out travel fees.


I would love to be one of your performers! How can I audition?

See our Join the Cast page for info!


Still have questions?  Just let us know-- we'll be happy to answer them!

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