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Hear ye, hear ye, what our clients have to say! 

These are all actual reviews from our wonderful clients!


"We got Elsa as a surprise for our daughter's 8th birthday party. We saw the rave reviews, but still did not know what to expect. We were not disappointed!! In fact, Elsa and the balloon artists exceeded our expectations. The kids were riveted all the way through, never a down moment. Elsa interacted so well with everyone and even did our cake cutting ceremony. She posed for numerous pictures, played and answered all the questions the kids had and led them through the frozen story and wonderful songs. The kids were dancing laughing and just having a great time. Every parent wanted their business cards at the end. One parent even said they know their child will remember this moment forever. They made us, the hosts of the party, feel like the perfect party planners when the truth is the party was a success because the entertainment was excellent. I am currently planning more parties with the happily ever after productions team in mind. Parents, it is so worth it. You get a party that is a guaranteed success with kids (and parents alike) and you have all this time while they entertain, to take in the moment and enjoy the party too. Soooo worth it!!Thank you Elsa and the balloon genius team!! You have a very satisfied customer here."

--Sherry & Luke from Indianapolis

"We had Rapunzel come to our daughter's birthday as a surprise. Rapunzel was wonderful with the kids, and even the shyest ones weren't shy with her at all! She looked absolutely stunning and my daughter was so surprised and thrilled. We chose balloon art as the activity, which I highly recommend, they were fantastic! We have so many wonderful photos and memories-- thank you so much!"--Becky D., Greenwood, IN

"I don't think I can fully express how pleased we are with Happily Ever After Productions. We chose Rapunzel for my daughter's birthday. She told stories, sang, and danced with all the little princesses at the party, and made my daughter feel like the most special princess of all! Thank you for a day she won't ever forget!"--Anna G., Fishers, IN

"I could not have asked for a better party in a million years! Absolutely amazing isn't even enough to describe the job you did. I'm not quite sure who had more fun at my daughter's party yesterday...the kids or the adults! I will be spreading your cards everywhere!  Thank you so much for the best party ever!"

--Renee B.M. via Facebook"

"We hired Happily Ever After for my daughter's 3rd birthday party, and picked Snow White. She was wonderful! She was so good with the kids and was a perfect Snow White!! The balloon artists were also super amazing! Would definitely recommend their company."

--Amanda B., Connersville, IN

"Thank you Cinderella for making my daughter's birthday magical! You did an amazing job entertaining all of the children; it wouldn't have been the same without you!"--Neda A., Indianapolis

"I am so happy with Happily Ever After productions! Belle came to my daughter's 6th birthday and surprised her and her friends. My daughter was speechless for about the first ten minutes but that didn't last long! Belle was just beautiful, and so elegant, and she let the girls all help her tell the story, which they knew almost as well as she did! Not only did she talk to each individual girl, she allowed herself to be taken to my daughter's room and be shown all her things. I have recommended them to all of my friends and my daughter is already asking if one of Belle's friends can come to her party next year!"--Laurie L., Indianapolis, IN

My daughter had a Frozen party and the

Snow Queen who came was unbelievable!!!!!! My daughter

and her friends were mesmerized!!! The "Elsa" character was amazing, she was in character as soon as she stepped foot in the door. She looked exactly like Elsa and was marvelous with the girls. It was worth every penny, all the moms and guests were so so excited!!! It was awesome, the best party ever!!!

I recommend this company to everyone!!! Dreams came true that day!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

--Valerie N. via Facebook

"'Best Party Ever!'  This has been the common refrain from every parent and child who attended my daughter's 5th birthday party with Ariel and balloon magician, Chelsea. My friends say they're giving up on topping it.
It was SO easy to book. Chelsea held this nervous mama's hand through the entire process and was never irritated or annoyed. I even had to change characters in the last couple of weeks to accomodate my daughter's change in princess preference.
Ariel never once broke character even asking for "salt water" when she was offered a drink.
She could not have been more patient with the guests. She was loving and giving and made them all feel special. She had a lovely voice and kind disposition. We had just visited Disney World and she knocked their Ariel out of the water!
I cannot recommend this company enough if your child thinks princesses walk on water as mine does.

--Debbie A., Bloomington, IN

"I had the Snow Queen from Indy Princess Parties come out for my 5 yo's party. It blew her mind, and all the parents'! So professional - she never broke character. Every last detail was so beautifully taken care of. All the adults were super impressed and my daughter and her friends are still talking about it. A 16 year old guest summed it up best: "best. Party. Ever." Thank you sooo much for a beautiful experience!!! I cannot say enough great things about Indy Princess Parties!"  -- Amy M., Greenwood, IN

"I just wanted to let you all know how much we enjoyed having you with us this year. I have heard nothing but great results and feed back about having the princesses [Snow White, Cinderella, and Rapunzel] at the fair... You all did a wonderful job! Keep up the great work. Thank you so much for making so many little princesses here very happy."--D. A., Summitville, In

"Thank you Tinkerbell for bringing so much joy and magic to my daughter's party! We loved having you-- you were amazing and my daughter and all her friends talk of nothing else. Thank you!"

--Amy N., Indianapolis, IN

"We chose mermaid Ariel for my little princess's fifth birthday party. Ariel was the highlight of the day! She had a beautiful voice, and she sang several songs and danced and played with the kids. I think she had as much fun as they did! The balloon artists were fabulous and the kids loved it. My daughter was beside herself with excitement. And I have wonderful pictures of her special day. I highly recommend Happily Ever After Productions and will be using them again next year!"--Jenn F., Indianapolis, IN

"We had Belle come to my little princess's party and we were blown away! She sang and told the story of Beauty and the Beast and she was so patient and sweet with the kids. I wasn’t sure about having a princess party bcause my daughter had been to a friend's party with a lady dressed up as a princess, and we were very disappointed because she didn't sing or act like the character. But this was the real Belle. She made the day so special and my daughter hasn't stopped talking about it! My four year old son even gave her a big hug and told her she was beautiful! Priceless!"--Krista A., Indianapolis, IN

"Cinderella, you were Amazing at my Grandaughter's birthday party!! The children were taken to a magical place that day and you even made me believe in fairy tales again. Thank you!!"--Brenda M., OH

"It was the birthday party of my, er, uh, my daughter's dreams! Thank you Ariel and friends for being so fabulous!"--A. M., Carmel, IN

"The experience provided by Happily Ever After Production was beyond my expectations...and they were pretty high going in! We had the Snow Queen and Snow Princess to our daughter's 6 year birthday party. The singing, story and dancing were all beautiful and wonderfully done. It was extremely professional and absolutely on par with anything you'd see at Disney World....way better actually. I've heard so many wonderful things about the party and one parent told me that they were especially happy that the Snow Princess sat one on one with his daughter talking with her and letting her try on her mittens. This was the best party ever and my daughter has asked that they come to every party after this. She said it was the "best day ever." Thank you all!!"--Jennifer W., Indianapolis, IN

"Well worth every penny. These women are amazing. My daughter was mesmerized by Anna and Elsa. They remained completely in character the entire time. Literally it was the best birthday party I have ever been to. True professionals."--Erica H. via Facebook


"We had Elsa come to my grand daughter's 3rd birthday party and she was magical! Her storytelling and singing was mesmerizing. She didn't break character once! We chose the balloon art as the activity and it was equally impressive. Thank you so much for the party of my... er... I mean... my grand daughter's life!" --Diane D., Indianapolis, IN

"This by far was the BEST birthday party ever!!! Queen Elsa did a phenomenal job!! Thank you so much for making my daughters birthday so special for her and her friends. Thanks for throwing in the special thank you note. Made my daughters day. I highly recommend you. Thanks again!"--Nicole M. via Facebook

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