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Special Activites

We're more than just characters!  We also offer Balloon Artists, Face Painters, and Glitter or Airbrush Tattoo artists!   You can book them separately or with a character.

Most of our Party Packages include one of these special activities!  This is done by your Party Assistant, a professional entertainer who accompanies the characters and makes sure the party runs smoothly, so that the characters are able to spend the full time entertaining and spending time with the kids! 

You can choose which activity you'd like to include!

*Subject to availability of entertainers

face painting deveaus school of gymnastics.jpg

Face Painting

Face painting is a classic party activity!  We'll bring a chair and washable hypoallergenic face paints, and each child will be transformed into their favorite princess, pirate, superhero or animal!

Note: Face painting takes a little longer per person so if you have a lot of children at your event or you are on a tight schedule, we recommend glitter dazzlers or airbrush tattoos instead.


Balloon Twisting

Balloon twisting is one of our most popular choices!  A Balloongenuity-trained artist will twist up a custom balloon creation for each guest.  From princess crowns to butterflies to dinosaurs, the creations are "ballooniversally" enjoyed by all!  The birthday person will receive a special sculpture!

Note:  Balloons can be a choking hazard for young children so adult supervision is required (as it is at all our parties).

Glitter Dazzlers

Glitter dazzlers (glitter tattoos) are a shiny, sparkly way to add magic to any party!  We have a whole new world of designs, many of them exclusive to our company, for both boys and girls.  Each child can select her or his design and have it hand painted on their hand or arm in all its sparkling glory!

Notes:  We'll need you to provide a table and 2 chairs for this activity.  The designs are waterproof and latex free, and can be removed with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer, or even baby oil (or you can do like we do and wear them around for a few days)!


Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush tattoos are similar to the Glitter Dazzlers but have a more tye-dye effect and are washable with soap and water.  They are the same awesome designs as the glitter tattoos, applied with a super cool airbrush and compressor!  This is a great fit for super hero parties!

Notes: We'll need a table and 2 chairs for this activity, and also an electrical outlet for the compressor.


Want To Book a Solo Artist?

Our professional entertainers are available for events and parties as well! 


Balloon Twisting: $100 per hour, per artist (2 hour minimum)

Face Painting: $100 per hour, per artist (2 hour minimum)

Glitter or Airbrush Tattoos $100 per hour, per artist (2 hour minimum)

Birthday Party Package: $175 for 1.5 hours, up to 15 kids, your choice of any 1 artist!


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